Strategisk rapport inför USA-valet av Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Krig eller Fred!

Se Helga Zepp-LaRouches webcast på engelska den 1.11 där hon berättar om sitt Moskvabesök och om ryssarnas oro för världskrig, vilket är berättigat och egentligen är den stora frågan i amerikanska valet.

Sammanfattning på engelska av denna webcast:

Significance of U.S. elections? The issue is WAR OR PEACE!

After returning from an organizing trip to Russia, Helga Zepp LaRouche has resumed her weekly webcast with a sharp message for the world: the real issue underlying all upcoming political events is, war or peace?

In her broadcast Helga covered the following topics:

1. There is a massive orchestrated "chaos scenario" leading to the U.S. midterm election, and the real issue is global war or peace? The so-called "Russiagate" fraud has been exposed as a British operation (perhaps the new name should be "British-gate" or "Mueller-gate"?), and people must understand why this British intervention was launched.

2. Following Helga's trip to Moscow she presents a review of why Russian President Vladimir Putin is hated by the western oligarchy. Putin's actions to overturn the genocidal economic "shock therapy" attempt to destroy Russia has been critical to restoring Russia's role in the world, and people need to understand that the Russians are prepared to defend themselves through full scale war!

3. In Germany we're seeing the collapse of Chancellor Angela Merkel-but, before you celebrate, ask, "what is the alternative?"

4. There's a major potential for global diplomatic breakthroughs following the U.S. midterm elections. President Trump is scheduled to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin shortly after the elections, and then Chinese President Xi Jinping towards the end of the month. The Trump-Putin summit will be at an event commemorating end of World War I, a war created by British imperial geopolitics-an important reminder for our task today: end the era of British geopolitics!