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Here are quick links to some highlights:

* Are Carbonic Solutions Alive? by V.L. Voeikov, et al.

Bicarbonate aqueous systems, the necessary constituents of
all biological liquids, exhibit a sustained non-equilibrium
state and sensitivity to cosmic events.

* Interview with Dr. Edward Calabrese: How a `Big Lie' Launched the LNT Myth And the Great Fear of Radiation

A well-known toxicologist discusses his the startling discovery
that the linear no-threshold or LNT hypothesis, which
governs radiation and chemical protection policy today, was
founded on a deliberate lie to further a political agenda.

* IN MEMORIAM: Zbigniew Jaworowski

This section includes and obituary, Dr. Jaworowski's outline
for his autobiography, and his extensive curriculum vitae.

* IN MEMORIAM: Michael R. Fox

Included here are an obituary, the transcript of an
interview (What We Can Learn from Fukushima), and a
remembrance by one of his young students.

* An interview with nuclear expert Clinton Bastin:
Iran Has a Nuclear Power, Not a Weapons

* An on-the-ground report of the American Geophysical
Union's Winter Meeting compiled by Oyang Teng.

* A Viewpoint: Fukushima: Different Reactions
In the West and East, by Thomas Gronlund Nielsen

* Several book reviews, including the biography of
Fritz Schumacher, inventor of the murderous concept
"small is beautiful"

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