The History of the Struggle for a New Just World Economic Order

Presentation at the international EIR seminar in Stockholm, Sweden, on September 24, 2008.

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(slide 2) The U.S. Declaration of Independence established a Republic based on the universal ideas of: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal..."

The USA was a project by the European Resistance to the warlord and empire oligarchic systems that dominated and still dominates Europe. The background was the struggle to establish the Nation State as a system to break the crusaders, who had became the tyrannical European robber barons, i.e. warlords, and then the colonial empires. As today, behind the warlords were always the bankers, who organized the sale of the diamonds, gold, minerals, drugs and slaves extracted cheaply in a lawless, permanent war situation - the oligarchic system.

The USA became the base for the strengthening of other sovereign nation states, who together could defeat the British Empire- the omnipotent 19th century Empire "where the sun never set". USA did this by supplying their American Economic System, today remembered as the Industrialization, to Continental Europe, especially to Germany but also Sweden, and further to Russia, to Japan and to Sun Yat Sen´s China.

With the economic strength of these nation states, the British Empire was challenged and had to dismantle their colonial system.

(slide 3) Franklin D Roosevelt challenged Churchill, even though they were allies during World War II, not to rebuild the world with the British 18th Century methods but with the American 20th Century methods to rid the world from colonialism.

(slide 4) This is the background of the statesman Lyndon LaRouche, who was a U.S. soldier in World War II India and Burma Theatre, where he witnessed the Indian independence struggle against British colonialism.

As Franklin D Roosevelt died at the end of World War II his plans to end colonialization was not realized by his successor the Anglophile US President Truman. LaRouche has worked his whole life to fight this right wing turn of the U.S.A. and against the dismantling of American System of Economy restarted by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

(slide 5) LaRouche became the leader of a movement of 2.000 youths that came out of the 1968 student revolution. Through LaRouche these revolutionaries was recruited back to the perspective of population growth and economic development, which was totally opposite to the rock, sex, drugs and zero growth 1968 counterrevolution.

As the leader of this international youthful movement, named International Caucus of the Labor Committees, Lyndon LaRouche 1974 called for an International Development Bank, where an international agreement should be reached to postpone the foreign debt of the developing countries, so that all new credit instead of using it for payments of old debt, could be put to work in great development projects.

The debt system of slavery was the new form of colonialism, which later became the globalism.

(slide 6) In the 1976 meeting of the Non Allied Movement in Colombo, Sri Lanka the call for a New World Economic Order was defined in LaRouche´s terms as debt relief to make possible any Third World economic development. All the Non Allied Movement leaders and countries came under vicious attacks, where many of these world leaders were subsequently murdered.

(slide 7) The courageous Foreign Minister of Guyana, Fred Wills brought the Colombo resolution the same year to the UN General Assembly. Fred Wills said:

"The billions on this planet who live in the developing countries and whose existence is subjected to the constraints of the few who manipulate to their advantage the present-day economic system, have pinned their hopes on the modest programme put forward in Nairobi and elsewhere. Their determination is adamant, inexorable and relentless. "

"...The IMF and the Bretton Woods monetary system must give way to alternative structures such as the international development banks, which are not geared to the revival and reconstruction of Europe nor preferential arrangements for the developed market economies, but rather to the just distribution of the gains of an equitable global system..."

(slide 10) The bankers then sprung the debt trap after first flooding the world with cheap petrodollar loans, then suddenly hiking the interest rate, in this way pushing the Third World back into debt slavery.

But debt can also be a problem for the bank, if debtors come together. During the Malvinas war LaRouche proposed that Ibero America in unison and in solidarity with Argentina should use its debt bomb against the British enemy. With a coordinated policy not to pay the debt of a certain bank Ibero America could put that bank into bankruptcy in effect equal to a precision bombing of that bank. LaRouche's idea became famous and reached the front pages of most of the media and leaders of Ibero America again rose to demand a New World Economic Order.

(slide 11) One of them was Mexican president Lopez Portillo.

(slide 12) The great chance for the world, when the Berlin Wall came down, was seized by Lyndon LaRouche by launching first the program for a European Productive Triangle and then the program for a New Silk Road. LaRouche, now as a political prisoner of USA, called for East-West Transport corridors bringing together Europe around the triangle of Paris-Berlin-Vienna. This plan for East-west integration of Europe was combined with other projects to a plan for development of the whole Eurasian continent along the routes along the ancient Silk Road.

(slide 13) In 1996 the government of China organized the Eurasian Land Bridge conference, inviting Helga Zepp-LaRouche as a keynote speaker. There China launched Eurasian Land Bridges as a national strategy for development and foreign policy.

(slide 14) In 1997 Helga Zepp-LaRouche launched a call for the support of Lyndon LaRouche´s proposal for a New Bretton Woods to reorganize the collapsing financial system. The New Bretton Woods was supported by hundreds of parlamentarians around the world and later adopted by parliament of Italy.

(slide 15) In 1998 President Clinton in a speech in New York called for a New Financial Architecture, and directly came under total attack in the Levinsky scandal.

(slide 16) What we see from the continued building of Eurasian Land Bridges is the building of the New Just World Economic Order in cement and steel. In this way the economic projects are used as tools not only for development. The improved economic strength and cooperation, coming out of the international economic projects, was also used as a tool to strengthen the political alliance for the New Just World Economic Order, just like how the American System defeated the British Empire at the end of the 19th Century. The political Alliance begun as the Eurasian Land Bridges was forged to a political strategic alliance, when Russian Prime Minister Jevgeny Primakov invited China and India to form the Strategic Triangle together with Russia.

(slide 17) In July 2008 Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in a Resolution about the current strategic and economic crisis, called for the whole world to influence the USA to Make the American Dream Come True. And this is the reason for this seminar, to urge all leaders of the World to use the UN General Assembly to influence the USA to come back to its senses and the idea of the American Declaration of Independence.

(slide 18) On October 1st L LaRouche in an international webcast direct from Washington DC will urge the world to help bring the USA into cooperation with the Strategic Triangle to stabilize the leading world currencies, esp. the dollar, put the international financial system through protected bankruptcy proceedings, restart World economic growth and establish the basis for a New Just World Economic order. In short, to organize the maximum international pressure on President Bush to call President Medvedev.

Thank You.