We are Building a Mass Movement

Speech at the Tuesday demonstration June 10th, 2008 at Sergels Torg; Stockholm. [See a video of the speech]

"Good afternoon my ladies and gentlemen!

I am from Denmark and I will speak in English so that people will understand me. I'm here in Sweden to bring Swedish youth into a revolution that we are making worldwide. But today it doesn't matter whether you are young, old, happy or sad, because the purpose of this demonstration is to save the human race.

-We are the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity which is a continuation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s peaceful army.

Right now, most of you don't know what is being done behind your back without your consent. The evil treaty is called the "Lisbon Treaty". This treaty is an attempt to establish a fascist dictatorship in Europe, without any public debate about it. Therefore we have these Tuesday demonstrations every Tuesday here on Sergels Torg. Sweden never had a revolution as far as I know, therefore I would like to tell you about the success we had in Germany with something called the Monday-demonstrations that our movement initiatied, so that we can do the same here in Sweden!

The term "Monday-Demonstrations" refers to the demonstrations that people were doing on the eastern side of the wall in Germany in 1989. So still today, people have a revolutionary sense of being able to change something, if they start marching in unity around an optimistic outlook on the future.

So four years ago there were grand budget cuts in all of Europe which made a lot of people loose their standard of living. In Germany the program was called "Hartz 4". So at that time Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who is the leader of our organization here in Europe, wrote a leaflet, where she explained what these budget cuts would mean to people; and she encouraged people to go to the streets and call for a New Bretton Woods and a New Deal.

Every Monday the summer 2004, we went to the townsquare in Leipzig. The first day we had a small group, perhaps around 10 people, and then we started to grow. Already within two months from being around 10 people, we grew to a huge movement of about 70.000 people. And not only that, we had spread into every major European city.

Today the biggest Tuesday demonstrations, that I have heard of was in Vienna, where 20.000 people went to the streets. There is only one country in EU who has planned a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, and that is Ireland, and the vote is going to be this week, and it looks good. The harder they are being pushed for a yes-vote, the more the people tend to the no-vote, and that is exactly what happened two years ago in France and the Netherlands, where basically the same Treaty was called the "European Constitution", and the voting result was a strong NO-vote.

But even if they will vote no in Ireland, the factions that are pushing this fascist treaty must be stopped entirely, therefore Europe will remain very vulnerable until the citizens will get up and defend their nations!

To all people that are listening right now; I want to ask you no matter what colour or nationalty or religion you have: Ask yourselves what you will do for your nation? Europe is in a serious threat of loosing its nations, if the people wont do anything for their nations who should then care?

With our Tuesday demonstrations here on Sergels Torg, we will do what we did in Germany. We will build a mass citizen movement, and we are going to march, and we are going to be so many that we will fill all the streets of Stockholm, and we are going to fight until we have a referendum on this Fascist Lisbon Treaty.

But as Martin Luther King said: "But we wont stop there, we will go beyond that, and fight until we have a Just Economic World Order!"

If you are human, then stand up for humanity today: Come up to our booktable, and we will work together to build a future, and remember that it is individuals that are making changes, so decide for yourself that you can change, and the world can change. Because if we loose our nations now, mankind will be sent far back, back into the state of anarchy and bestiality, where we fight over food, over territory and over basic survival. -And that was never the destination for man -

The human race is destined for what is in the U.S. Declaration of Independence:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.''

And only sovereign nations can be a platform, where such truly human societies can develop from!

John F. Kennedy said: "Don't ask what your nation can do for you, but what you can do for your nation!"

Thank you.

Maja Munch is a leader in the LaRouche Youth Movement.