IPCC-flygbladet: Resist the IPCC´s Genocidal Agenda!

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Resist the IPCC's Genocidal Agenda!

The nations of the developing world were correct in resisting the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) agenda in the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit in December 2009, and should continue doing that until that agenda is removed off the table of the United Nations and the IPCC is shut down. We, as a Swedish and European movement, disapprove of the IPCC and its methods and plans, and support the developing nations' right to industrial and economic progress. We urge them, for the sake of our nation and theirs to continue their resistance to the IPCC's agenda here in Stockholm.

The green-fascist dominated IPCC - a so-called "independent" body of scientists whose reports have been repeatedly shown to be concocted frauds which ignore any evidence that doesn't meet their self-constructed computer models - will be releasing its new report on September 27 in Stockholm. Back in 2007, an IPCC report screaming about a man-made disaster if global development was not immediately reversed in order to decrease CO2 in the atmosphere, earned the IPCC the Nobel Peace Prize (together with genocidalist liar Al Gore) and sparked the move for the 2009 Copenhagen Conference. Fortunately, that scheme was foiled by the nations of China, India, Africa and South America.

The genocidal intent is clear in two ways:

1. That the IPCC rejects and excludes any scientific evidence that suggests that the globe is not heating up. It also rejects any suggestions that historical variations in Earth's climate coincide with Solar and cosmic cycles and activities. It rather puts all the blame on the human race's creativity and all nations' aspiration to achieve economic development and higher living standards and dignity for their populations.

2. That in its so-called Climate Change Mitigation proposals the IPCC completely excludes nuclear fission and potential fusion power as an effective and clean source of large scale supply of power for the development of the economies of the developing nations as well as the industrialized nations. Even hydropower in Africa, Asia and South America, a clean and efficient energy source is neglected and even sabotaged and undermined politically and economically by the transatlantic powers.
Instead, solar and wind power are proposed as alternative energy source. Solar and wind power are proven to be economically parasitical and a major setback for modern economies. Other genocidal proposal include the use of agricultural crops and lands to produce biofuels, a matter which have already lead to a global food price explosion and acute supply shortages aggravating an already terrible nutritional and hunger crisis for billions of people.

The only exit the IPCC and similar Malthusian institutions such as the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) offer is the reduction of world population and stopping any attempts by developing nations to industrialize, modernize and increase the productivity of their economies and the living conditions of their populations. On that path to genocide, it will stampede our industrialized nations industrial and technological base. As expressed repeatedly by Prince Philip of England, the co-founder of the WWF together with the card-carrying-member of the Nazi Party Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the world can sustain only 1 to 2 billion humans. This Malthusian lie of "overpopulation" has been drummed up since the end of WWII as an alternative to the failed Nazism and the no-longer-popular "science of eugenics". It is easily and completely refuted by the development of new technologies that surpass the artificial limits to growth and of the natural resources.

Development of new technologies have even created new resources never before known to the human race, and evidently will reveal more to us about our universe in the future than we know now. Unfortunately, the U.N. institutions and organs have been used as a vehicle by the Transatlantic powers to impose this anti-human and scientifically and morally faulty ideology on nations.

Along with this global de-industrialisation move promoted by such institutions as the IPCC and the WWF, the transatlantic powers are simultaneously imposing financial and monetary policies that use harsh austerity against the peoples of Europe and the United States and eradicates all investments in long-term infrastructure projects and also in research and development of frontiers technologies such as space and nuclear fission and fusion power. All that is conducted in the name of saving the massive speculation debt in the banking system of Europe and the U.S. These same austerity policies were imposed on the developing nations in the 1970s and 80s through the IMF and the World Bank, and are part of the same genocidal Malthusian policy.

What can we do?

Rather than blindly following the British Empire's Malthusian genocide, we should take a truly human and scientifically sound approach to solving the problems of poverty and underdevelopment. That approach is best exemplified by the LaRouche Movement's proposal for the development of a new paradigm in the thinking in the United States and Europe based on the idea of building a nuclear/thermonuclear economy for power and water development. In the developing sector and emerging economies in the Americas, Eurasia and Africa is best expressed by the LaRouche Movement's World Landbridge policy, which was recently echoed by the President of China Xi Jinping's in his call at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit in Kyrgyzstan for a "New Silk Road from the Pacific to the Baltic".

The human race has to reach newer and higher levels of energy-flux density with nuclear power as a basis. We need massive water transfer and desalination projects to green the more than 13 million square kilometers of deserts and arid areas of the planet, and create positive local and continental changes to a milder climate. We need to defend planet Earth against outside cosmic forces such as meteorites and asteroids that pose the greatest and most immediate threat to all life on the planet. Nations should unite in the construction of what the Russian government has called the Strategic Defense of Earth (SDE). All these things are within our reach. This will help create a new world order based on cooperation, progress and peace among nations.

Support the LaRouche Movement's efforts to create a new renaissance of global culture. Help us dump the anti-human ideologies and institutions. Let's start with the dumping the IPCC!

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